Journal of Legionary Jucanis

Author: Legionary Jucanis
Released In:

Varen’s Watch. I joined the Legion to findf adventure and excitement and where do they put me? As far from any action as you can get! I’m stationed at some crumbing old bastion that’s only claim to fame is related to battles with Reachfolk about five years ago that wrecked this place. I suppose nobody thought the Watch important enough to fix up, because they haven’t repaired much of anything. We’re just supposed to make sure the signal fires are always ready in case we need to ignite them. I wonder who they expect to attack us out here. All the real action is happening over in Cyrodiil.

But I’m here. Guarding absolutely nothing. So much for adventure.

* * *
Found an interesting trinket in rubble piled against one of the walls. It’s some sort of Reachfolk fetish. It’s sort of pretty in a creepy kind of way. What I thought at first to be beads seem to be made of some sort of bone. Animal, I hope. But it’s from the Reach, and I’ve heard stories. Anyway, maybe I’ll send it to my sister. Or better yet, to my sister’s friend, Yvetta.

* * *
We received reports of attacks along the Gold Road and near those ancient ruins scattered throughout the Weald. The captain thinks it may be connected to the forest that sprang up overnight a few months’ back, but how could that be? No one can make a forest grow that fast. It had to be some kind of miracle.

We’re not a large cohort. Maybe a dozen legionaries and a couple of officers. Our primary job is to keep an eye of the Weald’s northwest border and to monitor travel from the west. If we do spot trouble, the captain’s orders are quite clear—light the signal fires and wait for reinforcements to arrive.

But with the current state of the Legion, we might be waiting for a long time.

* * *
We’re under attack! And by Wood Elves of all things! I’m not even sure where they came from or how they got inside the Watch! We’re being overwhelmed! I need to—

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