Letter to King Maxevian

Released In: ,
Author (in-game): Captain Orrent Retene

This letter appears to replace the much longer Letter to King Folbert, which is similar in content but placed in a different time and addressed to a different ruler. That letter is no longer found in game.

To his most royal Highness, King Maxevian of Shornhelm, My king, it is with all respect and humility that I write you once again. I have served faithfully here at Watcher’s Hold since I was old enough to lift a sword. For twenty-four years my compatriots and I maintained our vigil. Our love of king and country remains strong, but morale dwindles, as do our food and supplies. Without relief, I fear we cannot long remain viable. Your majesty, we beg of you. Relieve us of our honorable duty. Your faithful servant, Captain Orrent Retene 27th Frost Fall

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