Waking Flame Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Devastator Khashi

From the journal of Devastator Khashi.
The ineffable forge. Mehrunes Dagon smelts his war machines here. It is a place that smells of fire, brimstone, and agony.
This forge is cold, but it still echoes with the memory of the great flames that once burned here. Lord Dagon’s power reverberates through these walls. His essence hums beneath the stone. I wish to unlock the secrets of this place. The forgemaster seems long gone, and there is no kind of instruction on how these great tools worked, so I must piece it together myself if I am to learn anything. I will record my findings in this journal.
There are small objects spread about in disarray. I believe they are lucents, but I do not know their purpose. They are mostly inert, though it seems like they were once writhing with power. Scattered around this place are various discharge labrums with deep impressions in them. I have read a great deal about how these discharge labrums are integral to Daedric wards. It looks like the lucents might fit inside them. Could that be how they are imbued with power? The furnace itself needs energy to run. Quite a good amount of it, too. Could the lucents be the key? I must endeavor to find out.

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