Neletai’s Notes

Author: Neletai
Released In:

I have to write this quickly and transfer it over to my personal book of notes after more of the chaos is over. So, for the record and for any prying eyes, this is Neletai’s paper. Do not remove it or misplace it.

During my first expedition with Xoryn, there was little of note about him. He was the usual stature for his kind—perhaps a little shorter than me, but nothing so remarkable as what I just witnessed. During his assault on our camp, I noticed that his dimensions doubled since last we met. But what could be the cause? Surely, he must have other objects of power or prominence in his collection. Perhaps exposure to one of those is to blame for the fact that he is nearly tall enough to match the height of his overinflated ego.

The only other explanation is that over the course of Xoryn’s numerous futile expeditions into the citadel to retrieve the arcane knot, he somehow became warped by it’s power and grew as a result? I thought it could be the lucent crystals themselves, but those are used commonly in Fargrave and none of the Daedra there have grown outrageously tall.

I’ll have to make a note of this development and see if any of Keshargo’s camp return taller than they entered the citadel. If any of them are alive to continue the journey. Even now they’re whimpering and calling out in fear. What a mess. I will go check on my null arca while I wait to see if any of the injured succumb. If Xoryn’s battle destroyed my prototype, I may just seek him out myself.

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