The Experiment

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sanessalmo

My old compatriots from the Queen’s Court have fallen into my open hand. My experimentation has reached entirely new levels! Perhaps there is a touch of revenge present in my actions. They were, after all, the engineers of my downfall. So be it.

Lanitalle, the Queen’s Treasurer, finds a beauty in coinage that belies a deep desire for status. Perhaps her low-class upbringing contributed to this. Simply unleashing her on my pile of rare, useless trinkets has allowed me to observe her mind at work.

The Queen’s Herald, Nuulehtel: a man unable to speak to people on a personal level. He often told me he couldn’t sleep the nights before and after a major public announcement. A snowy cave, far from the comforts of home, isolates and crystalizes his deepest insecurities. Should be an interesting experiment.

I often thought about Minantille’s descent into disgrace. Her wartime heroics are far better documented than the defeat that destroyed her career. It’s time I learned the details. Channeling her rage in a volcanic setting should result in interesting phenomena.

Merion, my old friend. His weakness is passion. He spoke often of bedroom conquests. In the face of true desire, how far would he go? To his death? I shall create the perfect embodiment of his desires and see how deeply he falls.

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