Esdir’s Old Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Esdir

Ralos and Quentin must think I’m as much a fool as Gavos.

I know what they’re up to. With him out of the picture, they’re expanding their stock. Forbidden magical relics, aggressive exotic beasts. They’re trading anything and everything they can get their greedy hands on.

Well, I won’t have it said that they left old Esdir in the dust! I have a shipment of skooma coming in, and I’ll make sure I’m the only one selling it in the entire abbey. People will tire of their trinkets and wild pets soon enough, but there will always be a market for skooma.

Quentin has been talking about the anvil, saying he has a buyer lined up and we should retrieve it to sell. If it’s truly worth the effort, he’s likely to want it all for himself. I moved my sigil just to be safe, to my favorite drinking spot perched high above the busy streets.

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