Journal of the Oculary

Released In: ,
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This text was cut from the game’s data in mid 2016.

I have dreams and visions. They haunt me, forcing me to search these Dwarven ruins. I see a device in these dreams: the Oculory. I don’t know what it does, but I know that it is no mere construct of metal and oil. Light passes into it, filling it, illuminating the stars deep within.

The Oculory requires four parts to complete its repairs. These four parts are cracked and covered in grime and oil. Light wants to pass through the Oculory. I’ve seen it in my dreams, but the current state of the device won’t allow that to happen. The parts that have failed must be replaced.

The first part is a shimmering crystal, designed to bend and focus light as it passes through it.

The second part is an opaque crystal, designed to deflect light that hits it.

The third part shines with stars, but its purpose is otherwise a mystery to me.

The fourth part appears to be a mirror made of metal, polished to shine and reflect light.

Four parts. It only needs four parts, but only the correct parts will do. I see the device, a monolith surrounded by four red crystals. Place the correct parts there, and the repairsmith will do the rest. The dream compels me! I must find the parts and bring them to the device!

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