Ledger of Souls

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Fellow Members of the Waking Flame,

I have acquired three new souls for the Ideal Masters. Alas, I have exhausted my supply of black soul gems. I will need to acquire more gems if our relationship with the Ideal Masters is to bear fruit.

For bookkeeping purposes, I have acquired the following souls:

- Novitiate Clara Astier

- Novitiate Arielle Ephine

- Novitiate Edgard Gane

Even now, rumors of the novitiates' perfidy are circulating through Gideon. The souls I acquired were dissatisfied with their lives and removed coins from the Dibellaseum's treasury. A simple deception, but the ignorant citizens of Gideon will swallow it quite easily.

The harvest will continue, you have my word.

For the Waking Flame!

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