Letter from Queen Euraxia

Released In:
Author (in-game): Queen Euraxia

Captain Calsivius,

By now I assume you have reached the ruins of the Halls of Colossus. With the Wrathstone Tablet in my despicable half-brother’s possession, we had to rely on other sources to locate the ruins. Luckily, we had the resources of Rimmen Palace at our disposal, which is why you were able to beat Abnur to the hidden location. From this point on, it is imperative that you follow the plan I outlined for you and your team exactly and without any deviation.

Allow me to reiterate my exact orders. I know how you prefer to improvise when you’re in the field. Resist those urges and do as I say.

* Gain access to the ruins and wait for Abnur to arrive. My half-brother must be allowed to enter the Halls of Colossus with the Wrathstone.
* Once Abnur carries the Wrathstone over the threshold of the ruins, that should trigger the process that will unlock the vault containing the demon weapon.
* After that, I do not care what happens to Abnur and any associates he may be traveling with. Just make sure you reach the vault and secure the weapon before my bothersome half-brother gets his hands on it.

Bear in mind, I have only the most superficial understanding of how the tablets work or how long the process to unlock the ancient vault will take. When it does open, there may be a final guardian of some sort that you will have to deal with. Try not to use up all your soldiers or your necromancer before that occurs.

I am counting on you, Calsivius. Do not disappoint me.

Euraxia, Queen of Rimmen

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