Supplies for the Delve

Author: Kuna
Released In:

Zetisha, you mangy housecat. I've got the paper here, you signed it, and I'm holding you to it!

And I quote: "Zetisha and Kuna hereby enter into a contract of supplies for the mine known as Kuna's Delve due south of Arenthia. Weekly supply runs for the mining concern known as Kuna's Delve will consist of the following sundry items …" and then, further down the contract, "I hereby sign …" and your name.

Don't make me get your Clanmother involved. If I don't hear from my miners that supplies have shown up by the end of next week, I'm talking to Kazirra. And after her, I'll talk to the Dawnmead. I'm sure they'd love another "protection contract," and your place is just so … flammable.

— Kuna

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