Calis’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Calis

Master Pythis instructed me to keep a journal of our research for our records. I have never been much for journaling, but I imagine I will spend most of these pages drawing the various specimens instead of writing about them. I think illustrations are more instructional than mere words. Perhaps because I am not much of a writer.

But it seems Master Pythis believes in me. A fact that does not cease to bewilder me every time I encounter it. His work with botany has inspired me for quite some time. When he offered to become my mentor, I was at a loss for words. Why would someone as well-established as he is want to waste time teaching a new recruit like me? I am incredibly grateful, of course. It’s a dream come true.

He tends to be quiet. Not unkind, but not overly warm, either. Which is fine for me since I tend to be fairly quiet myself. I merely hope that his propensity for silence is not out of sullenness toward his new apprentice.

The master’s been fairly secretive about our newest project. I’ve noticed that many of the other Psijics don’t take botany quite as seriously as he and I do. I don’t mind too much. I find it’s better for any group when their interests and talents are varied. But I think Master Pythis keeps our research mostly between the two of us because we have true passion for it. He hasn’t said outright that the others wouldn’t understand (and I certainly haven’t found that to be the case when talking to them) but I get the sense he would rather they stay out of our affairs.

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