Blackguard Instructions

Author: Anonymous
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MD Blackguard Instructions, One Look for the sites I indicated on your map. The stone coffer—an Argonian reliquary—must be buried in that immediate vicinity. Locate the coffer and carefully break the seal. Make sure at least one of your number remains a good distance away when you open the coffer. I've seen such things that were trapped or had other protections and I need at least one of you alive to retrieve the meditation cylinder that should be waiting inside.


Blackguard Instructions, Two When you unearth the Argonian reliquaries from the specified locations, carefully remove the meditation cylinders and bring them to me at the xanmeer. I can hear your question now: What's a meditation cylinder? Each of the four coffers should contain a stone cylinder covered with Argonian carvings. Do not drop them. Do not break them. Your worthless lives depend on bringing me four intact cylinders.

Don't fail me!


Blackguard Instructions, Three I shall eagerly await your return at the ancient xanmeer. Gather the four meditation cylinders and bring them to me there. Remember, these Argonian antiquities are crucial to the ritual I need to perform. And when I begin the ritual, make sure that all of the Blackguards remain outside the chamber. Any distraction could disrupt the ritual and cause the curse to be prematurely released from Beela-Kaar's relic.

And that would be bad.


Blackguard Instructions, One

Blackguard Instructions, Two

Blackguard Instructions, Three

Blackguard Instructions, One Ý

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