Letter Home

Released In:
Author (in-game): Filpinil

Dear Mother,

Tomorrow we land at Murkwater. I’m nervous … sure, I’ve trained. But this is our first engagement on foreign soil. Well, foreign mud.

The soldiers I’m with are a motley band. We Altmer are disciplined and respect the chain of command. But the Renrijra and the Oathbreakers are another story.

The Renrijra are Khajiiti privateers. They’re very relaxed. No drilling, no inspections … but if you make one mad, she fights like one fierce bastard. They’re good to spend some downtime with, as we did up the coast while we were waiting for the Bosmer. Don’t worry, I didn’t try any moon sugar.

Everybody always says the Oathbreakers are Bosmer barbarians. (Except for Captain Pamolwen. Privileges of rank, I guess.) They eat vegetables, carve wood, all of that. You’d think without primitive traditions, they’d be happy, but they’re a grim bunch. They and the Khajiit avoid each other.

I tried their meat alcohol, since we weren’t allowed to bring any wine of our own. The “rotmeth” was nasty at first, but you get used to it.

How will we hold together when we actually land? These Argonians are civilians, but there’ll be a lot of them. Shadowfen seems alien and dangerous. Some of the animals, you’d think came from Morrowind. Those who live with such creatures must be pretty tough. Glad we’re starting with a soft target.

Give my love to the cousins.

Your devoted son,

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