Letter to Selenwe

Author: Ohadil
Released In:

Dear Selenwe,

I hope all is well, my dear. In reference to your query, no, I'm afraid Lauriel has not improved. She misses you terribly, but says very little about it. How I long to hear her beautiful voice again! Do you remember the autumn hymn she used to sing each morning? I still hear her hum it from time to time, but it's a mournful rendition to be sure.

She's made a new friend—an artificer from Sunhold. I tell you, daughter, something about him puts me ill-at-ease. He rarely speaks and dresses in a manner most unbecoming. Then there's the smell. A musty, acrid scent follows him wherever he goes. The two of them spend hours in the catacombs, sharpening their spellcraft. I asked her why she would train in such a dour place, but she refused to answer.

A few days ago, I worked up the nerve to forbid Lauriel from seeing this vagabond again, but called off at the last moment. I feel her drifting further away from me with each passing day. If I rob her of this new friend, she may turn her back on us completely.

You know her better than anyone. What can I do? I await your reply with great anxiety.

Your loving mother,

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