Letter to Bakul

Released In:
Author (in-game): Dairna


This one has made a grave mistake. She was lured here by sugar-coated words and shining wonders that lost their luster the moment they were touched. There are Dragons here, Bakul. Real as the sand beneath our feet, but it’s not Alkosh these Dragons toil for, this one is certain, though they know how to make every day seem an eternity.

Dairna has never heaved stone or laid bricks, but she has worked her paws raw to restore Sunspire Temple to glory. She did not mind this task at first, but her efforts were found lacking and she was lashed for it. She protested and she was lashed more. She disavowed this temple but she cannot leave.

This one has not always been your best litter-mate, Bakul, but she is still your sister. Dairna begs you. Tell the Mane what this one says. Do not come for Dairna. The Dragons and their servants are terrible creatures to behold.

This one prays her letter finds its way to you, though she does not know who she can entrust to carry it.

In faith,

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