Tajirri’s Journal

Author: Tajirri
Released In:

Riverhold was supposed to be Tajirri's fresh start. No more drinking, no more gambling, and no more smuggling. A breath of fresh air after all the rot she left behind in Senchel. A chance to finally be free of it all.

And then Mother moved in with her. Mother, with her incessant whining, constant complaining, cutting insults. Is Tajirri really going to wear that today? Is Tajirri sure that she wants another sugar claw?

So first, a bit of drinking to help ease Tajirri's annoyance. And then a bit of gambling, just to get out of the house. Which of course led to quite a bit of debt. Which led to even more drinking, even more gambling, even more debt.

And now back to smuggling, because Tajirri has debts to pay and a house to keep. Lucky for this one that Rideza should show up in town, just as Tajirri was getting desperate. Or perhaps it has nothing to do with luck. Perhaps Rideza somehow knew.

Just a few jobs, that's it. Help Rideza squeeze all the gold she can get out of Riverhold, and then Tajirri won't have to worry about her debts anymore.

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