Gaea’s Letter

Author: Gaea Lauzzon
Released In:


I’m doing you a good turn. I can see that you missed some late-night chatter, so I’m going to fill you in on some things. You probably know that our band of hunters are paid well. That’s because of Jerntann’s plans. We’re here to help people get rid of the creatures that pose a threat to them. Sometimes, like this job, we help commonfolk see that they’re in danger first.

What you need to do is listen to Jerntann, do whatever job you need to, and not question him. That’s it. The only thing standing between you and our coin is your ability to trust Jerntann. Jerntann wanted to run you out of camp after your outburst, but I told him that you need to take the night to think it over. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to do your job and kill the Goblins when they come to camp.

If you still don’t think this is right, then you’d better leave before morning. Goblins are dangerous after all, and I’d hate to find your corpse after this job is over.

Gaea Lauzzon

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