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Dalaneth's Journal


3rd First Seed

Father led us to the site the spinner described. All I see are shrines to Mauloch, and it looks like the Drublog have lived here for decades. But if the spinner proclaimed this the site of our forefathers, then we'll make do.
The Orcs said other Bosmer used a cavern beneath the village as their shrine. I wonder what other Bosmer lived here? Not much is left of them.

I've been helping Spinner Sandaerion write down our history. He doesn't write, but I learned when we were at the harbor for a time. Scribble, scribble, scribble! That's all I do now!

10th First Seed

Met an interesting Orc. He'd been awkwardly looking away when I've seen him in the past few days. Orcs are usually so rough, but I noticed he carried a book, and asked him about it. After that, he forgot his shyness and we talked like old friends.

We shared a meal, and he told me his name. I'm not sure how to spell it, though.

He promised to bring me copies of their shaman's writings. Spinner Sandaerion will be pleased! I might give my new friend the glass blade I've been shaping.

22nd Rain's Hand

Ulagush's been teaching me so much about the Orcs. I never knew his clan moves as much as mine does. We were discussing the differences between Mauloch and Y'ffre, when Yarnag (their shaman) came in. He said there's no comparing Mauloch to any of our gods, and slapped me. Ulagush hit him back, and that's when I found out Ulagush's mother is their clan chieftain.

Chief Ulukhaz is furious and has called for a meeting with my father. They won't understand any of this.