To the Veiled Queen

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea

To The Veiled Queen, Future Ruler Of Auridon

Our plan to use South Beacon as a staging area for our occupation of Auridon is in motion. The lighthouse is now under our control and a powerful magical ward will limit entry to all but our most trusted agents.

As per our previous discussions, you will continue to supply updated, detailed information regarding the navigation of Auridon Strait and the scheduled fleet movements of Altmer Naval vessels in the area to our agents in South Beacon. They will relay the information to our ships, in code, using the lighthouse beacon.

In recompense for this aid, you will be named our Viceroy of Auridon once our control of Summerset is assured.

May Your Prow Ride High,
Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea
Maormer High Command

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