Unmarked Pages

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

2nd First Seed

We’re uncertain if it’s possible, but what the master wants, the master gets. Our presence in Craglorn intensifies by the day, but he remains … inconsolable. I understand his consternation—the highlands would be completely under our control if he could roam free.

The combination of troll and Nedic ritual that finally cracked his prison can make no further progress on it. Even the thralled Celestial Guardians have failed. I don’t know what options remain to us.

The Regents will do their work in his stead, of course. The master chose them for a reason.

4th First Seed

Perhaps the answer has been staring me in the face. We have more nirncrux stored at Sanctum Ophidia than we could ever hope to deplete. We could fuel a war for years with our supply.

And as a primordial dust, nirncrux channels energy—transfers it. The master is composed entirely of Celestial energy. Perhaps that is the key.

5th Second Seed

The master possessed a ritual that required just a little blood from our Courtlings (unfortunately, we lost the volunteers, but footsoldiers can always be replaced) and a smattering of nirncrux dust. We have earned some gratitude from the master—some patience. It will be a while yet before he will walk from this cavern on his own power, but the vessel, at least, is complete.

And may whatever god they believe in help those who stand in its path.

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