Heiruna’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Heiruna

Of all the groups I thought I’d run into during my travels, the Dragon Cult never even made the list. It’s positively laughable. One would think it was impossible to be so delusional, and yet here they are, plain as day.

I tracked them to their hideout of sorts. They call it Dragonhome, but it’s not much to look at. They’re living in the bones of a once powerful faction, sure, but they are bones all the same. If I were mad enough to think about summoning a Dragon, I’d certainly do it somewhere less dismal. Truth be told, I very much doubt they have the wits or strength needed to do such a thing, but that does not make their ideals any less dangerous.

At the very least, no one will admonish me for taking these fools out. Taking the law into my own hands has gotten me into trouble in the past, but this is an exception. Massacring a budding Dragon Cult group? Why, I’ll practically be a hero.

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