Skalg’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Skalg

Her children claimed this place long before us. Perhaps they drove out the godless Dwarves. I see their many eyes as we work, watching and waiting. They do not fear us, I think. They know I walk among my clan, and I am Hers as much as they are. They permit us. Permit me.

* * *
Of those that remain, only Gharakul shows promise. The others shall be removed when the forge’s reinforcement is complete.

Gharakul. Her hair is silver, long and thin. A clear sign for the Spider’s Champion. Mephala teaches me to act. Our threads connect us and bind our fate. I will speak to her when we are next alone. She hears the Song as well. She must.

* * *
Mephala has truly blessed me. Gharakul sought me out while I slept. She woke me with Her whispers: Lust is love, lies are truth, death is life. She curled her hands around my throat and squeezed. My vision went black with shining specks, like a mottled abdomen dancing above my face. In that moment I gripped one of Mephala’s children to me as her poison liquefied my insides.

After our blessed union, we shared our secrets. Now I understand the truth of the forge. With each gift fed to its fires, we venerate the Silver Spider and bring her works to the world.

We must find her more gifts. Better gifts. She must feed.

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