Imperial Refugee’s Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Day 1: Starting my life over. What happened in the Imperial City was to someone else, not me. Almost made it over the southern bridge but it tore apart before my eyes. Had to swim across Lake Rumare to the far shore. But I escaped and that's when my life began again. Keep on heading south.

Day 3: Skirted west of Alessia. Dominion troops all over it, no friends of mine. Spotted some Nords and Argonians snooping around. Avoided them too. Cyrodiil's overrun by foreigners since the Empire fell.

Day 6: Avoided Faregyl too. Heading for the gap between it and Bloodmayne. Dominion armies marching all over. Need to find a place to hide until this war's over. Or until they all kill each other.

Day 8: Reached a river south of Bloodmayne. Headed west along it. Spotted a cave mouth. Killed a couple beetles outside it. If that's all I have to face, I'll clear out the cave and hide in there for a while.

Bad idea. More than beetles. Need to rest, stop the bleeding. Keep moving on, unless they get me first. More later.

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