Yves Grandvache Ledger

Author: Yves Grandvache
Released In:

Florentino, please be sure to pass these notes around to the others. I haven't the time or the inclination, our crimson-loving friend requires a great deal of attention.


We're temporarily stepping back from the normal operations here in Vastyr, the contract with Redblade is too important. Leave enough staff at the parlor to ensure security, and send the rest to the dig site near Fauns' Thicket. If any of the locals get brave while our attention is elsewhere, we can deal with them after we find the Bequest.


Get some of the locals beating the underbrush, I think this Ascendant Order is an opportunity for business. In the meantime, make sure we keep working Darvill Dutil. He's an in we can use, just have to find the right leverage.


We have Algar Cold-Eye to thank for our newest opportunity. Let me know when the scouts return from the Carved Hills. Could be a fascinating opportunity. We need to let this play out.


It's a mess over there. The Guild, the Iron Wheel, it's too hot by half. I'm going to pull our people back and wait for things to sort themselves out. Let's keep paying Anbi to keep us in the loop. Otherwise, we're done there for now.

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