Letter to Alma

Author: Dreadlord Naucratius
Released In:


Stay strong on the Shadowed Path, my heart. Perform your duties for our lord and obey my orders. For now, this is your lot. You must not rise too swiftly in our ranks, or favoritism will be cried out by the others. Volcatia especially is watchful, slit-eyed with suspicion and jealousy.

Curb your impatience and your tongue. They will be the death of us both otherwise. To keep you from indiscretion, I command you to journey to the ancient ruins of Nagastani. Think of this as an opportunity, not a banishment. Rout or corrupt any who reside there. Use the ancient evil that still permeates that ground, build your strength, and await my signal. Soon Blue Road Keep will be ours, under your heel.

The Diabolist rank you crave will be but a stepping stone to the power you can achieve under me. Together, we will crush all of Cyrodiil!

— Dreadlord Naucratius

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