Commentary on Fate Dialectal

Author: Elydrina Nathriin
Released In:

[Elydrina Nathriin’s dissection of Azandar’s thesis is swift and brutal, using efficient language across a scant few pages.]

In conclusion, my pupil’s ideas are misguided, spurious, and utterly charming. Azandar has completely missed the mark with his scholarship, but has conveyed these concepts in an entertaining and engaging fashion. While this work is summarily rejected for further development with Shad Astula resources, I want to strongly encourage Azandar al-Cybiades to continue his scholarly pursuits on his own.

With time, experience, and tutoring in practical research techniques, I believe he will make for an excellent mage and researcher in the years ahead.

Elydrina Nathriin, Shad Astula Erudite and Occult Counsel

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