Our Continued Labor

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

I haven’t received orders from our hallowed leaders in some time. But our work is important. Our work must continue. The Dark Lord demands that we maintain the standing stones and nothing has changed. As you are all aware, we failed him in that.

Our clan, dedicated to the Black Worm, must rectify that problem. We must make amends. We don’t have the numbers to sack Orsinium in retaliation for stealing our ancient power stones. They used our stones to build their city, raising their buildings before the anchors even began to fall. We will have to start over and build our dolmens anew.

* * *
I’ve finally made contact with the other side. The Titan Zanadunoz has promised his personal protection when we find a place of power to rebuild. And we will rebuild. Let this be my legacy. And let the Black Worm Clan carry on this work, if and when I perish.

So I have said, so let it be.

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