Thorzhul’s Letter

Author: Thorzhul gro-Agluk
Released In:

Hail Historian Maaga! We are honored to receive your request and glad to know there are those in Orsinium who believe in our cause. Our fellow Orcs should know that though we loot from the estates we raid, we do so only to support our ongoing efforts of reparation and glory for our people. The raid on the Chauvry Estate was daring indeed, and we lost several fine Orcs in the battle, but in the end we were victorious, and the Chauvrys are no more.

I was the chief architect of this raid, and I am proud to claim credit for Clan Agluk. As you probably know, most of my clan was killed during the sacking of Orsinium, so it is fitting that I can exact vengeance so many years later for Clan Agluk.

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