Miruin’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Day 2

Baron Montclair’s put me in command of an expedition to the Erokii ruins to search for some ancient relic for Reezal-Jul. Some old Ayleid thing called the Tear of Anurraame. I just hope it’s bigger than a real tear or we’ll never find it.

Day 9

Or is it day 8? Or day 10? There’s no sunlight down here. We keep the hours in a regular rotation of working and eating and sleeping, but I’ve lost track of what day it is. We’ve been told not to return until we’ve found this thrice-cursed relic.

Day ??

I’ve been neglecting my journal terribly, but what is there to report? We still haven’t found the damn relic. We did, however, find this ancient text that suggests the Tear of Anurraame is capable of destroying entire cities … I hope the Baron knows what he’s doing.

Day ??

I wrote to the Baron about my concerns and he responded. He says he’s well aware of the relic’s power, and that it will prove invaluable if we are truly to restore Rivenspire to the glory and stature it had under King Ranser. I wonder what he’s planning to do with it?

Day ??

At last! The Tear of Anurraame! We can leave this dark pit behind. Oh sunshine. Oh fresh air!

We’ve received orders to take the relic directly to a small ship on the beach which will be sailed to Wayrest. Is the Baron really planning to destroy the capital of the Daggerfall Covenant? I suppose it’s not my place to question orders, though.

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