Eldbjorg’s Needed Ingredients

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

14 Dremora Toes (preferably “pinky” toes)
12 Cured Kwama Skins
3 Life-size Orchicalc Skeever Statuettes
2 bowls of Molding Merringar Chowder
7 Werewolf Nosehairs (can substitute another lycanthrope!)
12 horn-fulls of green-dyed cotton
25 Seadrake feathers
1 Fossilized Dwarven Fingernail
3 drams of a Bosmer Maiden’s Blood
2 barrels of Vampire Dust
3 locks of curly Wyress hair (blonde or brunette, not black)
3 Unfinished Grimoires
1 Filled Lich Phylactery
28 Khajiit Tails
4 Moistened Hagraven Lips (upper and lower)
3 Iron Ingots

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