Instructions for Lothnarth

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous


You need not interfere with the slaves. The guards I’ve hired will see that they remain productive and have food and rest when needed.

I want accurate logs of production each week, so that I can see if my experiment helps the mine keep producing at optimal levels.

No one should bother the crystal machine. I’ve locked it in place, to avoid some clumsy slave or mindless kwama knocking into it and interrupting its process.

I may visit and turn off the machine, to do some comparison on production with and without the machine. I’ll retrieve the switch and pieces that control it from my lab in Mzanchend and handle the process myself.

I shouldn’t need to warn anyone, but STAY OUT of Mzanchend. If you aren’t a powerful magister, the chance of getting diced to pieces by automata is very high.

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