Mine Foreman’s Log

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Day 746

Another day at the Triple Circle Mine, another half gold in my pay. But I digress.

My workers are good men and women, devoted and hard-working. That’s why these continued stories of strange sounds deep in the mine are beginning to trouble me. Tesa brought me a tale today that I would have completely discounted if it had come from anyone else. But Tesa has always been so calm and level-headed, not susceptible to the superstitions that plague so many of her fellow miners.

Anyway, Tesa claims that she spotted a creature in the large chamber. She said it was below the wooden platform, drinking from the underground stream that runs through that portion of the mine. Tesa described it as a “mouth full of sharp, pointy fangs on two stubby legs.” If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she had seen a kagouti. I used to hunt the damn things back in Vvardenfell. Nasty creatures! But who ever heard of a kagouti prowling underground in a mine?

I guess I’d better go and check this out. Just in case, you understand.

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