Forged Second Cohort Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): Captain Helenus

To be distributed among all Seventh Legion soldiers of the Second Cohort, and placed in positions of prominence within the Mess and Commander’s tents.

This order does hereby supercede and render false any previous commands. All copies of previous orders are to be collected and burned. A spy among us has been posting counterfeit plans which would lead us into an ambush in the Alik’r Desert. All references to Volenfell are fraudulent and must be disregarded. Any reports of suspicious behavior should be directed to the officer of the watch.

Our genuine orders are as follows: fortifications at the ruins of “Old Tower” are to be struck immediately. The Second Cohort of the Seventh Legion is hereby ordered to return to Cyrodiil by way of Craglorn with all due haste.

— Captain Helenus

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