Altmeri Overseer’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

12, Last Seed

The slaves are more agitated than usual today. Last night’s beating of the one called Koth seemed to stir him to an emotion other than fear, but the magus assures me the pacification spells upon the creature will keep him in line.

15, Last Seed

There was another spat between the kitchen staff and the slaves today. Koth tried to take scraps from the refuse bin without permission and we were forced to have him flogged again in front of his kin. It is becoming difficult to remind the Goblins of their place.

17, Last Seed

Melanil, the head of the kitchen staff, was found dead in the wine cellar this morning. From all evidence, he took a spill down the stairs and broke his neck, but I remain dubious.

18, Last Seed

A fire broke out in the armory just before dawn. While it was contained before it could spread to the rest of the estate grounds, unknown looters made off with some of the weapons. We’ve petitioned the kinlord for more guards in case we have bandits on our hands.

19, Last Seed

Koth apparently wishes to speak to me later this afternoon about their living conditions. This should be amusing. I will be heading down to the slave dens with my deputation. A show of force should remind the beasts that they continue to live solely at our discretion. What threats could these Goblins possibly pose?

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