Threatening Letter

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fleshmender Moradilion

Esteemed Jhaziran,

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. I would not normally pry into your private affairs, but my novitiates in the cursed laboratory tell me that many of your recent deliveries have been either late, or incomplete. I’m sure that I needn’t remind you that we are on a delicate time-table. Any delay, no matter how minute, could hamper our plans.

I strongly advise that you increase the speed and accuracy of your deliveries, if only for your own good. Remember, we signed a contract—and that contract is binding. Even now, the Bargain Man howls for payment. Make your deliveries, Jhaziran, or I fear that you will pay with your soul.

-Fleshmender Moradilion

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