Dreadsails: Threat to the Isles

Author: Christophe Alielle
Released In:

Alielle To the Commander of the City Guard,

I didn't want to write this. I thought we're all sensible citizens here. Surely, we all know the danger pirates like the Dreadsails pose to our lives and livelihood. I was wrong.

As I was sitting in the Jaded Ornaug Tavern sipping an ale after a hard day of working in the shipyard, I heard Damien Ginise open his great maw and say, "Why don't we just give the 'sails what they want? Let them take Vastyr. We can build anywhere."

Let them take Vastyr? Does he think that their raids will stop just because we give them one city? It's not the land they want. They don't attack our ports because they want to live in Vastyr.

If we give even one district to the Dreadsails, they'll see us as weak. They'll see it as a sign that we've given up. If even one of Vastyr's streets falls under their onslaught, there will be no stopping the attacks. Not until we're all dead and they can turn Galen into a pirate's refuge or whatever it is they want.

So whatever you do, don't listen to fools like Damien Ginise. Don't give in to the pirates' demands. And don't lose faith in House Mornard. They'll protect our city and keep out the ruffians.

From a faithful citizen,
Christophe Alielle

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