Letter to Imedril

Author: Hannayel
Released In:

Sapiarch Imedril,

I think your decision to leave the Academy and go to the ancient ruins was the right call. Something isn't right here, though I can't quite determine what that may be.

I prefer to disappear into the Academy's books for days on end. I expect to spend a great deal of time hiding in the library's quiet study room. I feel so much safer within its comfortable confines.

Let me tell you how I plan to organize my research. I'll start by reviewing Telenger's musings about the Sload. The last time we met for dinner, he seemed put off that I could not recall every line of his writings.

Second, I'm thinking of re-reading the Imperial Geographical Society's treatise on the Sea Elves. The Academy's library is really quite extensive!

Third, I've been meaning to read the Mages Guild's description of our esteemed college. I expect to find it full of errors and slights, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, I believe some light reading is in order. Something just for pleasure instead of research. Maybe the fourth volume in the Dark Elf Year 2920 series. I know you look down upon the work, but it's so well-written!

I may try that technique made popular by the Sapiarch of Foreign Literature. She was an odd one, but I've always been intrigued by the idea of placing books on consecutive podiums and reading them at the same time, shifting from one podium to the next as the subject matter calls to you.

I'll let you know how the method works.


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