The Llodos Plague

Author: Alchemist Merdyndril
Released In:

Nostrum Breva,

We continue to experiment with new strains of the plague, and your work at Serkamora has proven invaluable. The Magistrix is quite pleased. The Serk has been a good testing ground. Weak and sickly individuals who arrive, some already infected with previous strains, beg for a cure. We are more than delighted to welcome them in, giving them false promises of cleansing their illnesses. Even the Houses of Redoran and Hlaalu are convinced we are here to help. They so want to believe.

As for the plague itself, it has become quite potent. Unfortunately, survival rates remain shorter than we had hoped. If we want to cause a true outbreak, one that could level an entire city, we must continue to strengthen the magic and test it. The next step will be to raise the level of experimentation. Word has already come that one of our cadres may have developed the purest form of the sickness yet. I'm eager for the arrival of these shipments.

A larger town will suffice for the next experiment. I recommend Narsis. The Hlaalu fools will never suspect a thing. I need to get in touch with my contacts there to let them know to be ready.

—Alchemist Merdyndril

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