Further Missive from the Mages

Author: Anonymous
Released In:


Thank you very much for all your hard work. We appreciate your willingness to deal with risk and your industrious labor. Unfortunately, you need to focus on greater discrimination when collecting our crystals.

I hate to tell you this, but the specimens you've been mining do not meet our agreed requirements. We've been comparing them against the samples we supplied, and they're somewhat lacking. These crystals lack the volume to make adequate soul gems. They are insufficient. If your yield does not increase, we may need to reconsider this enterprise.

Giara is experimenting with the two "hollow stones" you acquired, but she needs more to get definitive results. In fact, she needs considerably more than two. We can sell the discarded crystals you found for a marginal amount of profit, but not enough to defray our expenses.

In short, we need more geodes. If you can find a sufficient quantity, we may have a chance of salvaging this operation after the considerable expense of hiring you.

The Wayrest Mages Guild

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