Hammett’s Journal

Author: Hammett
Released In:

Last Seed 1

We made it to the Valley of the Forefather at the start of Last Seed. This is good. There is more glory to be gained when the Warrior is ascendant.

Last Seed 4

We have managed to light the braziers and defeat Ysmir’s champion at the gate. It was a memorable battle. Sklar passed into glory in the fight, just as he delivered the killing blow.

Last Seed 5

Something has gone wrong. My jarl awoke this morning and started killing his thanes. I have shamed myself by fleeing.

Last Seed 6

Last night I chanced a look outside, and the sky was empty where the Warrior should have been.

Last Seed 7

I see now that I was wrong to flee. I saw him myself. Ysmir the Forefather, returned from the sky, to lead us into battle. I have pledged my sword to him. I no longer have need of this book. My pilgrimage is done.

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