Elphirion’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Elphirion

I’ve heard reports that General Malgoth intends to attack Vullain. If Vullain falls, our neighboring villages will soon fall as well. We’re a simple people. Our archery and swordfighting skills are those of hunters, not warriors.

After many talks, I’ve decided to ask the Nereids for help. I pray they will listen. I know death is inevitable, but perhaps there is a way we may not die in vain. General Malgoth will keep the Meat Mandate. If we can beg a poison from the Nereids, we may win this battle, though we would not live to see our victory.

Those who are still young or too filled with fear may travel to Driladan for safety. The rest of us will stay here, and do what we can. And know our deaths will mean the Blackroot’s defeat.

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