Letter to Eraven

Author: Magister Therana
Released In:


The council's dithering on the matter of Zaintiraris is unacceptable. Khajiiti mercenaries continue to gather outside the ruin, like locusts. I have it on good authority that House Redoran sent them there. I must admit, I didn't think those thick-headed zealots were capable of such a deception. I'm almost impressed. Almost.

They hammer on the shrine day and nightÐas if picks and hammers have any hope of dispersing the door's puzzle-wards. Simpletons. The secret to Sheogorath's riddles lies in their simplicity. Fortunately, Redoran scholars possess no capacity for abstract thinking. Can you believe they struggle with a riddle as simple as this?

"A family of skulls say 'How do you do?
Two shout "We're one!" and three yell 'We're two!'
Five glare at 'three' as six laugh at 'four'
Just burn'em to open the Mad Prince's door."

Honestly, why must the followers of Sheogorath be such children? I suppose that question answers itself.

My research nears a critical stage, Eraven. I need St. Felms finger bone or all will be for naught. Redouble your efforts with your fellow Mouths. Zaintiraris must belong to House Telvanni.

Do not fail me.
Magister of the Great House Telvanni
Master of Tel Branora

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