Legionary Ulrath’s Report

Released In:

To Legion High Command or whatever officer finds this.

I, Legionary Ulrath, write these words as the last surviving soldier in Captain Dartorius’s patrol. We faced a superior force of Daedra and made a good showing, but in the end only I remain. Well, me and the captain, tusk her eyes!

We were on patrol near Fort Hastrel when we stumbled into an ambush set for us by the Daedra. If the captain had followed my suggestion and sent scouts ahead of the patrol, we might have spotted the trap earlier. As it was, the entire patrol was taken by surprise before we could act.

At this point we all turned to the captain for orders, but she seemed dumbfounded. No orders were forthcoming, so I took command and began to order our squadron to make for the nearby fort. Captain Dartorius emerged from her stupor and countermanded my order, instead telling the squadron to charge directly into the teeth of the enemy. As the soldier made to comply, the captain turned her mount and began to make her own escape, using her own soldiers to cover her retreat.

Here, I admit, I acted on instinct and in something of a rage. I struck out at the captain, hitting her a glancing blow that knocked her from her mount. Then I turned and joined the squadron, calling for a retreat to the fort as we engaged in a running battle with the enemy.

I want you to know that each and every legionary fought with all their hearts and souls. The enemy knew they had been in a fight, even as I watched each soldier around me eventually fall. A few of us finally made it to the keep and were able to drive off the remaining Daedra, but not a single remaining legionary was unscathed. Soon, all succumbed to their wounds. All except me.

So, read my account. Decide if my actions were appropriate or wrong as you see fit. I know I did my duty. I know I fought to save our squadron. I know Captain Dartorius’s fear and cowardice got her patrol killed.

Whatever you decide, I am done. I no longer care. I know the word of a legionary will not stand against that of a captain. I accept this. But by my oath as a legionary, everything I wrote here is true.

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