A Citizen’s Petition

Released In:
Author (in-game): Adan Kordrel

Lady Yamanu-ko,

It has been a week since my husband disappeared on the road near Haddock’s Market and nothing has been done. It is bad enough that you permit a black market to operate so close to the trade road, but your complete lack of concern for the citizens of your city is appalling.

Need I remind you of the Blackcaster Accord? The Mages of Elinhir exist at the sufferance of the people, in order to protect them. Where was your protection when my husband went missing?

I especially do not appreciate the insinuation in your last letter (written by one of your students, I assume) that my husband fell afoul of the local wildlife. He is a skilled tracker and hunter. The only beasts he’s fallen prey to are those murderers and bandits outside our gates.

A concerned citizen,
Adan Kordrel

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