Letter to Dusandar

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ulymen

My dear Dusandar,

How are things back in Vulkhel Guard? Are the nobles lining up to have new portraits painted?

This trip has been a fabulous boon to my tender disposition. I feel recharged and ready to face life in the courts of High Elf society again. Almost.

I’ve been very productive. I’ll have completed at least three landscapes by the time I pack up to return, and I’ve sketched at least a dozen more that I hope to paint in my – ha! – spare time when I return home.

The view from this overlook, by the way, is simply spectacular. I wish you could see it. Well, I guess you will when you see the finished painting. The moons rising over the ruins of Skyreach. Just breathtaking. I hope my humble skills are enough to capture the essence of the scene.

What am I saying? Of course they are!

Oh, and I got you a present. For that collection of rocks you love so much. It’s a local stone with a quaint name. They call it “red brittle.”

See you soon,

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