Rayno’s Scorched Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rayno

… overgrown, fur-coated Nord! He has offered nothing but insults since we arrived. We will never be treated as equals here, never! No doubt the Bleakers fled here as no civilized folk would put up with their stu ….

… et again! For the sake of my family, I have withheld my temper and my hand, but no more! I will show that Nord some magic that will make his chest hair curl in fright. If there is a Bleaker left in this hamlet by week’s end, may I never cast another spell. I know of a summoni ….

… done. Soon they will be here. Then Ulf and his clan will plead for mercy—but I will show none. Death to all Bleakers! I will have no peace while they yet live. This place will be known as Dalvilu’s Way from now ….

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