Confiscated from the Prisoner

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Librarian Note:

This book was added in the Ascending Tide DLC

Though the parcel he was carrying was not concealed, I conducted a strip search of the courier. He is obviously unusual for a messenger and I’m not taking any chances. Here’s what we confiscated:

One sealed letter and a medallion in a wrapped parcel

One silver flask (emptied the dregs of some cheap swill into the tide pools)

Leather coat, shirt, and breeches (reeks of sweat, booze, and a dozen different colognes and perfumes)

One steel saber (unremarkable and, judging by its condition, mostly just for show)

One unfinished poem (the kind of drivel you’d spout to seduce an idiot)

Loose nuts and crudites (he must have stuffed his pockets at the ship’s canteen before we grabbed him)

He had a number of bruises that couldn’t have come from his kidnapping, as he didn’t put up a fight. I hazard to guess they came from another entanglement of the sort I don’t care to imagine.”

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