Note to Captain Henrisa

Released In:
Author (in-game): Baron Marette


As usual, my son doesn’t need to know all the details of your mission. Ethian is dutiful, but he lacks the fortitude to handle situations that require clear and calculated thinking. He knows you plan to delay the fleet’s arrival in port. The longer we can keep that she-wolf who married my son from leaping into the arms of those green savages, the better. I want to embarrass Emeric. I want to destroy his dreams of peace and prosperity with those who are beneath us. But if that doesn’t work, or if an opportunity presents itself, you have my permission to deal with Lady Sovelle in a manner that solves all of my problems.

Just don’t let my fool of a son know anything about this. It might shatter his fragile constitution.

Do not fail me, Henrisa.

Baron Marette

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