Adeber’s Journal

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Author (in-game): Adeber

16, Sun’s Dusk

Given my lack of success scrying with the Ebony sphere, I’ve moved on to augury. I started with starlings, but they never stayed for long. Too unpredictable – too dependent on the shared movement of the flock. I had some measured success with vultures, but the repetition gives me vertigo. Round and round and round they go. Telling the same story again and again.

I was surprised to find that I’ve had the most success with crows. They’re perceptive, adaptable, and seem just as interested in the process as I am. I released a few yesterday, and breathed deep from my Nirn-powder box. Before long, the birds started weaving patterns – some Daedric letters I think. Soon afterward, most of the birds gathered into a hoop of sorts, while the largest soared through it – spinning like a half-fletched arrow. A corkscrew? Or perhaps a key? I counted sixteen passes before they finally settled back into their coops.

I can’t help but think it relates to a door. Or perhaps a portal? Doors, always doors! And sixteen passes? Sixteen Princes. It can’t be a coincidence. But where is this door? Do they speak of the artifact’s position or the artifact itself? More questions. Always more questions. I should confer with Neelo. I think he’s done something similar with fish. If we don’t make more progress soon, I think we’ll have to inform the Arch-Mage. We’ve spent too much time already. Mara knows what terrors this Daedric artifact could unleash.

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