River Trolls Exterminator?

Released In:
Author (in-game): Fortunata ap Dugal

To All Red Sails Captains,

Which one of you imbeciles thought it was a good idea to lure a pair of river trolls into my secret escape tunnel? Yes, they keep anyone from getting curious and wandering into the tunnel from the entry cave, but they also make it difficult for me to come and go as I please!

The last time I decided to sneak out of the castle, I had to toss an entire bucket full of roast ducks into the far corner or I would have never gotten past those dreadful beasts.

Now, either come up with a method for me to safely avoid the trolls or get the damn creatures out of my tunnels! If they’re still there the next time I need to use my secret passage, I’m going to lock the lot of you down there with them!

Fortunata ap Dugal

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